How a small budget lead
to a distinct visual style.

Making do with what you have.

The agency Black Kiwi was commissioned with a large-scale campaign for ten homes designed by architect Peter Löcker. The budget, however, was more small-scale. That’s why we took sketches and raw 3D visualizations and just painted over them, thereby breaking away from the lifeless renderings competitors were using.


Project management: Learning by doing.

The most exciting part was compositing 3D renderings (by Felix Würschinger) with hand drawn landscapes (by Marion Kamper). It was my biggest photo composition to date and I never coordinated so many people in the process, which turned out to be a great experience. Here’s a little step-by-step gallery:

Client: NeuLand Bau / Agency: Black Kiwi
Roles: Creative Direction, Branding, Compositing

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