Exploring how technology and
are changing society.

Designers shape our tools and
thereafter these tools shape us.

It’s time to stop shaping these tools for a while and start paying attention to how they affect us. That idea became my master thesis: Everything. A messy book about our new super connected, messy society.


How does it work?

The narrative in this book mirrors the connected chaos we live in. It’s loosely organized by a network of twelve tags that help to discover connections between the depicted phenomena.


You don’t get to 400 pages without
making a few enemies.

Fear not, there are some ground rules for content depicted in the book. For example: Whatever it is, it must be copied from an online source. Or every opinion counts—yes, even YouTube comments. (One of mankinds darkest places.)


Content is king.

The internet offers a fantastic breadth of content: Magazine articles, video stills, comments, re-interpreted infographics, reddit posts or just screenshots—all somehow fitted into a 12 by 15cm softcover book.

Question everything.
Learn something.
Answer nothing.

Thesis supervisors: Ralf Herms, Catherine Rollier
Roles: Creative Direction, Editorial Design

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